Why the project matters

We believe it is every Londoner’s right to have access to the River Thames. London’s largest public space has been enclosed by roads and buildings that restrict accessibility. We envision a river that safely permits swimming, freeing Londoners from the intensity of urban life and connecting them to the heartbeat of London. Thames Baths is our vision for achieving this in a safe and natural environment.

Where the River Thames is the heartbeat the water that flows within it is its blood. This waterway gives life to the most multi-cultural and vibrant city in the world. The Thames has evolved the people of London as much as the people of London have evolved it. We now want to help shape the next evolution.

Swimming has always featured in the River Thames. The ability to do so has become harder and harder as river traffic has increased and London’s population has outgrown the ageing sewage system. However plans are in place to upgrade Sir Joseph Bazelgette’s sewers and therefore dramatically improve the quality of the river’s water. Thames Baths is about imagining the possibilities of safely swimming in the river and opening up a discussion about the future.


We don’t think swimming in the River Thames should be about imposing ourselves on this historic waterway. It shouldn’t be about creating another barrier to the interaction with the Thames. It should be about a structure which sits naturally  within the river environment, filling and flowing with the water that runs around, beneath and over it. Water that revives the senses and nurtures the soul, natural, unfiltered, Thames water.

We believe that it is every Londoner’s right to liberate themselves from the intensity of the city by swimming in the Thames. Our ambition is for this to happen in as natural an environment as possible. Welcome to Thames Baths, please join us to help shape what could be London’s next big cultural project.