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Tracey Emin CBE

Patricia Brown
(Chair of London Festival of Architecture & Deputy Chair of Mayor’s Design Advisory Group)

Caitlin Davies

Jenny Landreth

Megan Piper

Amy Sharrocks


Royal Academy of Arts

The Architecture Foundation

The Outdoor Swimming Society

Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

New London Architecture (NLA)

Garden Museum

Jenny Jones AM, Baroness Jones of Moulescoomb

The Line







Thames Baths is a Community Interest Company and is always on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers to help realise the project – if you are interested in volunteering, please email chris@thamesbaths.com

Our thanks goes to Matt-Bamford Bowes who was instrumental in the initial fundraising undertaken by social enterprise Thames Baths CIC. Matt advised the CIC on a range of crowdfunding platforms before it was agreed to launch on Kickstarter. Matt led on the negotiations with Kickstarter, helped formulate the rewards package, wrote the campaign copy and then ran the 30 day campaign alongside Chris Romer-Lee of Studio Octopi.


‘The Thames is such a wonderful resource for London, yet we make so little use of it. As the water gets cleaner the Thames Baths is a great idea to celebrate that, to provide a spectacular leisure experience and to enliven the riverscape.’
— Peter Murray, Chairman, New London Architecture

“Loving London as I do, I never feel more connected to it than when I cross or travel along the River Thames. Combining a swim – my exercise of choice – with being (almost) immersed in the Thames, with the city as a backdrop, would be the delicious icing on my London cake. Over recent years I’ve enjoyed that combination of being in water, yet part of the city, in Brooklyn’s waterfront pop up pools, juxtaposed with the lower Manhattan skyline. This is why I have been thrilled to offer my support to make the Thames Baths a reality. I hope you will be joining me in investing in a future dip.”
— Patricia Brown, Central and London Festival of Architecture

“Thames Baths is an exciting development for outdoor swimming in the UK. Connecting swimmers back to urban waterways in this way is progressive. We hope it inspires other towns and cities across the country.”
— Kate Rew, Founder, Outdoor Swimming Society

“I think Thames Baths is a truly exciting project for the capital. So often we forget about the natural resources that are at the heart of the city – the resources that have made London great. There is a synergy between Thames Baths and The Line – both look to the city’s rivers, thinking about how these can be used to improve the quality of life for locals, Londoners and visitors to the capital. I absolutely love outdoor swimming and Thames Baths will, quite literally, offer a new view of the city – which is such an exciting proposition.”
— Megan Piper, Founder, The Line

‘When I first heard about Thames Baths I thought, brilliant! It’s yet one more example of how we’re returning to the Thames as swimmers. There were several floating baths in London in Victorian times, now Studio Octopi are trying to resurrect this glorious tradition in modern times.’
— Caitlin Davies, author

“The Thames is the heart of my city, and swimming is at the heart of my life. Thames Baths perfectly brings those two things together. It’s so exciting to think that we’ll be able to get in and enjoy our city from this perspective. I can’t wait!”
— Jenny Landreth, journalist

“The Thames remains one of London’s most under-exploited resources. The stretch running through the centre is seven times the size of Hyde Park but plays at best a marginal role in most Londoners’ experience of their city. Cultivating a greater variety of activity along its banks and on the water itself should be important priorities for the city. Cities from Antwerp to Copenhagen have built swimming pools in docks and rivers and the Thames Baths is now seeking funding to do the same in London. It is a long overdue initiative and an important step in the reclamation of the Thames as a truly public space.”
— Ellis Woodman, Director, The Architecture Foundation

‘I’ve swum a hundred miles down the Thames and a duck’s eye view of buildings and bridges and boats is the best. It’s a terrifying, thrilling river, and once you’ve felt its power you can never forget it. Thames Baths will make you tingle all over, laugh, make friends, and change your view of the city for ever’.
— Christopher Woodward, Director, Garden Museum & River Thames swimmer

‘Thames Baths has the potential to revolutionise the way Londoners view and experience their river by reclaiming it as public realm to be enjoyed by all and making the dream of taking a safe and enjoyable plunge in its waters an everyday reality’.
— Ivan Harbour, Senior Partner, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

“It looks absolutely fantastic […] I kind of want to be the first person to swim in it, it looks brilliant…”
— David Walliams 26 01 15 on BBC London 94.9